Welcome to Dune PBeM

Arrakis, DUNE, desert planet...

Welcome to the website and home of this play-by-email game based on Frank Herbert's Dune.

Registered players take on the role of a noble House of the Landsraad, or one of the prestigious Great Schools, and through political manoeuvring, intrigue, and even warfare, better themselves against their foes. We use the original Frank Herbert books, and the Dune Encyclopaedia, as canonical source material: players are free to draw inspiration from the Prequels but that material is not considered canon (e.g. there is no such thing as a House Vernius).

The game started in 2002, with the in-story year of 10.180. Our timeline diverges from established Dune history at that point. The game has an extensive history: some of this background story is available within our Rakis Hoard.

The Forum
We have an active forum which is also used as part of the game. Fans of Dune are more than welcome to stop by at our sietch to discuss the Dune novels.

Joining the Game
If you would like to join the PBeM then please read the instructions for doing so. Please note that the processing turnaround can be slow and we are therefore only interested in players who wish to participate for the long term.

The Rules
Our rulebook is restricted to registered players only, owing to previous instances of material being duplicated offsite without permission, but if you would like to know more about the game before joining then please contact the GM.